Club Haus 80’s Get Physical w/ Barry’s

FRI 28/9

Club Haus 80’s GET PHYSICAL

Friday 28th September
★ Club Haus 80’s GET PHYSICAL w/ Barry’s ★
Club Haus 80’s Milano – Via A. di Tocqueville
♬ Lets get Physical ♬
Info & Reservation
+39 389 4652247

Club Haus 80’s is a registered entertainment trademark born in 2009.
Its aim is to make people have fun.Original and sophisticated, stylish and energetic, Club Haus 80’s attracts more generations.Continuos creativity, endless metamorphosis, expanding network make Club Haus 80’s one of the most talked brand concept in Europe.

The 80’s are for Club Haus 80’s a source of inspiration, a tribute of a decade rich of significance, progress and prosperity.
Music and design at Club haus 80’s share a style that never grows old, both are revisited and proposed again in an updated and surprising way.

Colours, aggregation and internationality are the guidelines followed to create a network of people connected together by a synergy based on shared passions and genuine values.