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  • Nìcola Winspeare

    Who are you: Journalist, Dj, Singer, Fashion victim and lover of life. The worst record someone requested you: "Voglio farmi la dj" - Posi (I want to hook up with the Dj)...

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  • Pernazza

    Name: Pernazza Where were you on July of '89: At the beach in Genoa putting coins in the juke box and playing hide and seek among the boats. I was too shy to try to pick up and it was a...

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  • Vittoria Hyde

    Who are you: singer, fashion blogger, and an alien Year of birth: 1985, so I am told Status today: I'm feeling blue How do you waste your time: I go to the bathroom and sing...

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  • Darin Yevonde

    Year of Birth: July Fifteenth nineteen'80 Status of the Day: "I have to return a videotape"  How do you waste your time: I'm a Musician Bands: Dope Stars...

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